Care Instructions

 We know our  Lybethras suits are an investment - they're meant to be worn and cherished season after season. Our promisse:

 If you follow our care instructions you will have your swimwear per more than 5 summers. Please treat your swimwear  like the premium quality that they are, they'll be by your side on all your future adventures.   

Lybethras suits are constructed of the best Brazilian fabrics and handmade details that are delicate in nature. While ALL of the suits can be worn in a pool or saltwater, they are not intended for strenuous physical water activity or long periods of time in the heavily chlorinated water like bath tub. 

Avoid loosening fabric by aggressively wringing out wet suits or drying them on rough surfaces. 

Hand washed separately in cold water with very mild soap (we recommend a lingerie detergent) immediately after use.

Always wash your bikini after each wear  

Lay it flat on a towel to preserve the silhouette and fit!

Do not try direct in sunlight

Do not machine dry

Do not Iron

Do not leave wet piece in a plastic bag 

Do not use chlorine bleach

 Also, please note our accessories will not heat in the sun since we choose to ONLY work with the highest quality of materials possible. 

 How to Store your swimsuit

Don’t hang up your bathing suit because it'll stretch out the fibers. Instead, store the suit flat when it’s completely dry; any moisture may result in the growth of mildew. If you’re putting it away for the season, store the suit in our Lybethras Organic cotton bag. Skip the plastic bags, which can also provide a breeding ground for mildew and bacteria.