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Brazil may be known for its Brazilian CARNIVAL.
But Lybethras is making the country known for the finest Brazilian bikini.

In fact, a Brazilian bikini from Lybethras is sexy and sophisticated. ideal for the beach or at any pool party.

This Brazilian swimwear line centers around an appealing look that's comfortable and functional.

The Founder and Designer

Lucianna Martinez established Lybethras Swimwear in 2007. Martinez began the company with a passion for designing. Today, it morphed into something so much more. When she began designing, she focused on Brazilian swimwear styles from RIO GRANDE DO SUL.   But now her collections are more diverse. Luciana's love for fashion began much sooner than 2007. Her admiration for fashion began when she was six years old and started sewing clothes for her dolls. As she got older, she created clothing for her family and friends. This gave her the confidence she needed to continue on as a professional designer.

She decided to become a designer at 19 and wanted to changes the look of bathing suits since she lived in Brazil. She had a great deal of exposure to the swimsuit industry. Yet, she felt that Brazilian bikinis were very basic. She decided she wanted to create a Brazilian swimsuit line that was unique. Her creations are just that, unique. In fact, she sells many pieces that set her apart from other designers on the market.

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Lybethras' Brazilian bikini designs.

You'll notice every design from Lybethra is creative. You're not just purchasing a plain bathing suit. Luciana's pieces stand out from the crowd. She realizes style isn't everything. If you're not comfortable in something, you can't look good in it. By ensuring each design is comfortable, consumers get swimwear that looks amazing. Women feel confident in every design. Lu Martinez makes every swimsuit in this collection from high-quality material that's meant to last. She realizes that not everyone wants to pay for a name; a majority of people would rather pay for quality. They want a piece that's going to last them for more than one season. When you feel the texture of the bathing suit, it's soft and luxurious. The quality materials make for a better fit on women. Each suit is made with the highest quality real Lycra with UV50 protection. Fabrics are infused with Aloe Vera moisturizer and antimicrobial treatment. Our fabrics are eco-friendly biodegradable. Both the metal detailing and the fabric are durable. You'll notice the bathing suit material doesn't absorb water and sag. It remains flattering on a woman whether it's dry or wet. The metal adornments won't rust.

Swimsuits for All Sizes One of the primary focal points of Lybethras is that it truly emphasizes the importance of confidence. Martinez strongly believes that every woman deserves to feel good in what she wears, which is why she creates swimsuits for women of all sizes. She wants every woman who browses through her collections to find something they love and that fits them well. Lybethras provides your choice of cut for bikini bottoms. Semi-thong, full cut, thongs and more. You choose what makes you most comfortable.

Custom Brazilian Bikini

A custom Brazilian bikini is now an affordable dream. Design your own custom Brazilian bikini starting at $145!

You choose your design:

  • Top Style
  • Bottom style
  • Bottom coverage style
  • Outside fabric (top and bottom)
  • Inside fabric (reversible designs)
  • Pads
  • Size (top and bottom)
  • Your design is 100% you, custom made. You are Unique at the Beach

Highlights About Lybethras

Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition featured Lybethras 10 consecutive years for their innovative beach attire. Twenty-six countries now sell Lybethras, and even celebrities like Paris Hilton and Jennifer Anniston, Fergie wear it. View Lybethras latest fashions today by visiting our Newest Arrivals

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