Here at Lybethras, we are always seeking innovative ways to be more environmentally friendly. We are transparent in knowing we do not have all the answers, but we are committed to improving our systems of quality control, and we are continuously searching for more textile friendly work environments for our community and manufacturing systems.

We do our part to make improvements by using a very friendly type of fabric technology called, CO2 CONTROL®, which is a contribution of Santaconstancia, the manufacture of fabric that we use. Furthermore, CONTROL® CO2 does exactly that, it controls CO2 gas, which overloads our atmosphere and can be harmful to personal health and our Earth's environment.

Our fabric is composed of a polyamide yarn improved in its creation to allow clothing made from this material to decompose after disposed of in a landfill. We also offer recycled tops that are unique and made with recycled material swatches. Even the metal detailing and gold plated additions are free of nickel are very durable.Our pads are made from the highest quality materials and are water resistance, so when exposed to water they do not fill up or sag.

Furthermore, as business owners, we feel the need to control not only our manufacturing footprint but the pollution and toxicity of the textiles. We believe this technology should be incorporated to other suppliers in the industry in hopes of also creating more environmentally sustainable knitwear and clothing.

In conclusion, we take pride in making a difference for our Planet and our customers. By supporting Lybethras, you are also supporting a business that takes action to be environmentally friendly and improve the standards of business. We humbly have won two export prizes from the ABIT and APEX of the Brazilian government in the past three years of service. We are very proud of the accomplishments and the positive impact we are making in the swimwear industry.