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The Founder and Designer

Lucianna Martinez established Lybethras Swimwear in 2007. Martinez began the company with a passion for designing. Today, it morphed into something so much more. When she began designing, she focused on Brazilian swimwear styles from RIO GRANDE DO SUL.   But now her collections are more diverse. Luciana's love for fashion began much sooner than 2007. Her admiration for fashion began when she was six years old and started sewing clothes for her dolls. As she got older, she created clothing for her family and friends. This gave her the confidence she needed to continue on as a professional designer.

She decided to become a designer at 19 and wanted to changes the look of bathing suits since she lived in Brazil. She had a great deal of exposure to the swimsuit industry. Yet, she felt that Brazilian bikinis were very basic. She decided she wanted to create a Brazilian swimsuit line that was unique. Her creations are just that, unique. In fact, she sells many pieces that set her apart from other designers on the market.

Hand made with ❤️ ethically and responsibly in Brazil

By Supporting Lybethras, you are also supporting a business that takes action to be environmentally friendly and improve the standards of business. 

We use a fabric technology called CO2control® thats biodeagradable  and   controls the amount of harmful CO2 gas released in the atmosphere. And its certified by Oeko-Tex®.

We use  Lycra Xtra Life® with UV50.

We also offer tops that are upcycled.  We donate our swatches to NGO SERVI. Our pads are water resistance, so when exposed to water they do not fill up or sag. 

We make  durable and slow fashion that last more than five summers in your wardrobe with the same quality.

In conclusion,  we take pride in making a difference for our planet and our customers. We are very proud of accomplishments and the positive impact we are making in the swimwear

How we give back

We give back to NGO SERVI that help women with unexpected pregnancy.