Best beach in brazil

Best beach in brazil

The best beach in brazil is Baia do sancho in Fernando de Noronha  near Pernambuco.

Look at this place. Its a lovely place. I must travel place. You really need to know this place. 

Explore the waters around Fernando de Noronha. Look  for wild dolphins to observe them in their natural habitat and enjoy some time swimming at Sancho Bay. I assume this was one of the most incredible experiences that I had. Its real nature.



Best place to stay is this awesome guest  house called Teju Acu where you have great food, views and service. 

Look some pictures here 

Awesome breakfast to have a wonderful day!


And dont forget your best swimwear to be unique in this beautiful beach. 

we select Marin bikini in pink. A must have for you vacations.


WE hope you enjoy this post and share it. You could suggest places that you want to us to write.








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