Best tops to make small bust look bigger

Best tops to make small bust  look bigger

We sell them like separates then you could pick the best top and the best bottom for you body type. Picking the right shape or embellishment  can make a huge difference in how you feel in a suit.


Scoop look and pads made you look bigger Muses.

Top Kylizz

Bandeau with removable pads and this mandala detail on center. Make them feel bigger too. And back of this top is really cool and unique. 




Top Diana

A very low scoop neck make you bigger too and our removable pads inside make you beautiful.



Top Chiara

Triangle  top with elastic band on the side and below the bust with removable pads is anos a good choice to make them bigger.



Top Taylor

Triangle top with removable pads and a hand made sequined detail on the top. we could make them in other colors too.

If you want this top in other  solid colors. we could make it for you. Just ask us that we will customize it for you. Customization takes 3 to 5 days to be ready and ship.  

 Top twisted

Bandeau top firm padded in 3 colors of our gypsy collection. this one makes them look incredible bigger. it comes with removable straps.


What is your personal dilema when swimsuit shopping ?

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