Lybethras Muse Claudia Romani

claudia romani
Meet our #lybethrasmuse @Claudia_romani with our Kylie onepiece featured on website magazine
Describe yourself in 3 words:
Determined , ambitious , perfectionist 
What do you most love in life ?
Cats , my boyfriend and family and Miami .. traveling .. Summer time ...
Favorite lybethras  Swimsuit and why 
The latest one as seen on SI .. it s so classy and sexy and glamorous .. mermaid like 
What is important in a swimwear for you ?  
Quality !! Cheap ones don’t have good material and it shows .. they mark all the wrong areas and they don’t fit right 
Which colors do you prefer to use in a swimwear ?
Black or bright colors that go with a tan 
What's in your beach bag?
Sunscreen , coconut oil .. water .. a Magazine and a phone to snap the best moments !!!
Favorite place to wear your Lybethras Swimwear ? 
At the pool in Miami 😍
Which places do you want to travel  ? 
Thailand .. Cuba and go back to Morro de São Paulo in Brazil 
What do you do to get your beachbody
I workout , eat healthy (and cruelty free.. veggie food is the best )...  moisturize , spray tan and embrace my curves 
Could you give us some tips ?
Spray tan is the best to look airbrushed ok no time, preserving your skin 
How long and how often do you do exercise?
An hour a day and walk like 6/7 miles 
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what is your favorite indulgence
I have a sweet tooth and as a good Italian I love pizza 
What’s Next for you
Working some more as an influencer , hopefully doing more TV .. traveling the world with my love and saving as many cats and animals as possible !
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