Miami swim week trends

Miami swim week trends

This year we launched our collection in Miami swim week and you could buy the styles immediately to use in the end of summer in USA or in your next trip to Caribbean islands. Our customers really love this idea.

Miami Swim week is where the world's most reputable swim brands come together to show their collections. we showcase our collection per 3 years. But this year you could buy them direct after the runaway. No waits anymore.    

We did our best selling top lyb in 3 new printeds. This top is our best selling because you could wear it in 4 ways using the printed side plus 4 ways in the solid side. Most of you already know how to wear it but our new muses want to know too. Every time I use , it's new style and some of my friends don't know it's the same top. Our new fabric is so so amazing quick dry and supports chlorine water and also Dead Sea water. So you could use them on Dead Sea water and spas  without causing any damage. But always when you are at home or hotel, cleanse gentle your pieces. Then they will have long life. We use very high quality fabrics. Our products life is around 5 to 6 summer without any damage. When you touch our fabric you will see the difference. Also we improve gaby bottom to be reversible too.

 In our website you have a consultant that could help you with sizes, best fitting per your body type. If you are in doubt, just send us a message. They will help you pretty soon.

Since we have our manufacturer facility in brasil. You could change the colors of your order and customize it. We did special order for you. Because our customer is unique and we love all muses. Our special order take approximately one week.

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